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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

To contact the Western Area of Missouri Officers and/or Committee Chairs please use the form below -
An email will be sent directly to the Officer/Committee Chair AND their Alternate -

To request a copy of the confidential mailing list, including email addresses please contact the secretary.

To request a copy of past Western Area business meetings minutes please contact the Secretary or the Area Archivist

To send a contribution to the Western Area Treasurer please use this mailing address:
WAMO Treasurer
2120 S. Ingram Road, #233
Springfield, MO 65804

Please make checks out to the Western Area of Missouri


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Area Officers
Area Delegate: Debbie H. Alternate Area Delegate: Greg G.
Area Chairperson: Jon M. Alternate Area Chairperson: Brian H.
Area Secretary: Cliff P. Alternate Area Secretary: Trinity C.
Area Treasurer: Tony B. Alternate Area Treasurer: Alex B.
Area Archivist: Cheri J.    
Area Committee Chairpersons
Archives Committee Chair: Chuck P. Alt. Archives Chair: Marsha S.
Bridging the Gap Committee Chair: Sherry P. Alt Bridging the Gap Chair: Katie C.
Correctional Facilities Committee Chair: Bill K. Alt. Correctional Facilities Committee Chair: Jasper M.
Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee: Emily A. Alt. Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Chair: Janine B.
Grapevine Committee Chair: Patty G. Alt Grapevine Committee Chair: .
Literature Committee Chair: Jay M. Alt Literature Committee Chair: April G.
Public Information Committee Chair: Michel B. Alt. Public Information Chair: Barb S.
Accessibilities Committee Chair: Tim C. Alt Accessibilities Chair: .
State Convention Committee Chair: Rod O. Alt. State Convention Chair: Paul B.
Treatment Facilities Committee Chair: John T. Alt. Treatment Facilities Committee Chair: .
WAMO Convention Committee Chair: David M. Alt WAMO Convention Chair: .
Technology Committee Chair: Amy K. Alt Technology Chair: April G.
Tech Team: Cheri J.    
Technical Support: Dustin S.    
Finance Committee Chair: Tiffany W.    
Past Delegates
Panel 35 Past Delegate Richard B.
Panel 43 Past Delegate Gene H.
Panel 47 Past Delegate John A.
Panel 51 Past Delegate Wayne R.
Panel 53 Past Delegate Clarke B.
Panel 55 Past Delegate Rondell M.
Panel 57 Past Delegate Ron H.
Panel 59 Past Delegate Quinn G.
Panel 61 Past Delegate Steve P.
Panel 63 Past Delegate Dave H.
Panel 65 Past Delegate Dave F.
Panel 67 Past Delegate Marjorie H.
Panel 69 Past Delegate Jenny D.
Panel 71 Past Delegate Pam K.

alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

This site was last updated on January 28, 2023

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Cooperation with the
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Public Information

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Bridge the Gap
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Treatment Facilities
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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo