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Western Area Convention Committe

Western Area Convention Committee

The purpose of the Western Area Convention is to promote Unity within area 39.

Colors of Fall in the Ozarks
"We Are Not A Glum Lot"

October 28th – 30th, 2022
Hotel Information:

Stone Castle
3050 Green Mountain Dr.
Branson, MO 65616
For Hotel Reservations call:
800-677-6906 (Group ID - colors of fall 2019)

Download Western Area Convention Flyer



It’s clear that A.A. get-togethers beyond the group have become an established part of A.A. life. The calendar in any Box 4-5-9 or in the Grapevine shows how many conventions, conferences, and banquets are being held by A.A.s throughout the world.

What makes an A.A. convention click for its participants? It’s probably not style or form that matters so much as the spirit and feeling behind it. As one member puts it, the best A.A. convention is “just a darned good A.A. meeting blown up big.” Just watch enthusiastic members at any A.A. convention and you’ll get what he means. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip. Here you’ll find fellowship, laughter, warmth, and understanding—”heaped up, pressed down, and running over.”


Link to A.A. Guidelines by GSO



To Get Involved Contact the Committee Chair or attend the committee meeting at the Area Assembly



Current Activities Include:

  • 2017 Western Area 39 Convention - November 3rd - 5th




Groups Can...

  • Announce convention and offer flyers and registration provided by WA Convention Committee



Other Ideas...


  • Provide dates for convention 3 years in advance




Western Area of Missouri Convention Guidelines 

The purpose of the Western Area Convention is to promote

Unity within Area 39.


The Convention Committee shall follow all of the A.A.

Guidelines (Convention and Conferences) in all areas not

specified in the following pages.


 Guidelines Revised June 2014

Section One:  Western Area of Missouri Convention


The convention will be held the last weekend of October whenever possible.


The convention will be held at the site approved by the majority of the convention committee.


The program for the convention will be developed by the Co-Chairperson and approved by a simple majority of the convention committee.


The convention committee shall make an earnest effort to cooperate with Al-Anon and Alateen without affiliation with them, as outlined in the A.A. Guidelines.


The Western Area Assembly provides seed money as budgeted to begin financing the convention.  After paying all convention debt, all proceeds from the convention will be added to the Western Area of Missouri Treasury.


The amount of registration to charge for each convention will be determined by the Registration chair, with approval of the committee.


The Convention Committee will select, with a simple majority vote, the taper for the Convention coordinated by the Chairperson.


Section Two: The Committee


The officers of the committee elected for a two year term, will be Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Public Information, Hospitality, Entertainment, and Registration.  The position of Treasurer shall be filled by the Alternate Area Treasurer.


Each member is expected to attend all scheduled meetings of the committee.  In the event that a member is unable to attend a meeting, the member should notify the Chairperson and send a written report to be presented at the meeting covering the member’s area of responsibility.  If a member misses 2 meetings without a notice and report, the person will no longer be considered a member of the committee and a new member will be elected.


All participants attending the Western Area Convention Committee meeting will have a vote.



Section Three: Officers


Chairperson:  (assisted by the Co-Chairperson) oversees the entire convention, coordinates the work of the sub-committees chairpersons, keeps informed of all arrangements, calls committee meetings when they are needed, preparing an agenda for each committee meeting.


Co-Chairperson:  selects speakers, gets the committees approval of speakers, reserves the rooms for the speakers and arranges for flowers or gift baskets for the speaker rooms.  Co-Chair will also arrange for a representative to act as host for each speaker.  Other duties delegated by the Chairperson.  The Co-Chairperson when contacting speakers shall:

1.      Specify to the speakers exactly what expenses will be paid by the convention, which are travel expenses, room, meals and registration.  If a spouse accompanies the speaker the convention will pay for the spouse’s registration.

2.     Notify the speaker when they are on the program and the theme of the convention.  They are expected to arrive on Friday and leave Sunday after the convention ends.

3.     Find out how the speaker wants to appear on the flyer and inform the Public Information Chairperson.

4.     Arrange for transportation of the speakers.

5.     Inform the speaker the name of their host, who will pick them up at the airport if need be.

6.     Host will be responsible for speakers meeting including readers.

7.     Send all speakers a confirmation letter immediately upon their acceptance.

8.     Send all speakers a letter of appreciation as soon as possible after the convention.


Secretary: Keeps all written records, including minutes of committee meetings, maintains written committee records of previous conventions for future planning and prepares agenda for committee meetings with the Chairperson.  Provides a copy of minutes, to all attendees along with a committee directory.


Registration:   Receives the registration slips, forwards monies to the Committee Treasurer, prepares name tags and packets for pre-registration.  Also prepares badges for speakers, hosts, committee members and area officers with ribbons.  Organizes the committee to occupy the registration table for two-hour periods throughout the convention.  Prepares a written report of registration income for each committee meeting.


Treasurer:  Will be responsible for all money, including revenues from registration, pay bills, advises the chairperson and committee of cash supply and income flow as well as rate of expenditures, and prepares a final report of income and expenses after the convention.


Public Information Chairperson:  Is responsible for arranging and printing of convention flyers and programs.  Is responsible for sending convention information to Box 459 and Grapevine by printing deadlines.  Also coordinates marathon meetings.


Hospitality Chairperson: Serves as hospitality host, arranges for food and beverages to be served in the Hospitality Room, obtains volunteers to work in the Hospitality room for 2 hours shifts throughout the convention.


Entertainment:  Is responsible for conducting the costume contest and providing some form of entertainment to be approved by the committee.


Western Area Convention Chairperson: David M
Western Area Convention Alternate Chair:
To contact the Western Area Convention Committee please go the the "Contact Us" page alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo