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Accessibilities Committee

Accessibilities Committee

While there are no special A.A. members, many members have special needs. For the purpose of those Guidelines, we define A.A.s with special needs as persons who are blind or visually impaired; deaf or hard of hearing; chronically ill or homebound, and those who are developmentally disabled.


Some A.A. entities are attempting to meet such needs by forming Accessibilities Committees. Since the goal is to make A.A. accessible, some committees refer to themselves as Accessibilities Committees. In some localities committees name themselves according to the specific need addressed, such as “Hearing Impaired Committee.” When one or more members of a group have special needs (such as the need for an American Sign Language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility, or have an illness which prevents them from getting to the meeting room), A.A. members from that group will attempt to see that those needs are met. The members of an Accessibilities Committee explore, develop and offer resources to make the A.A. message and participation in our program available to everyone who reaches out for it. A G.S.O. staff member who serves on the Accessibilities assignment, is available as a resource and communicates with local Accessibilities Committees.

In the interests of good communication and working together, Accessibilities Committees are encouraged to keep their area committees and local central/intergroup offices informed of their activities. It is also helpful to work closely with committees handling Public Information and Cooperation With the Professional Community in terms of keeping the public and appropriate agencies informed about A.A. being accessible to alcoholics with special needs.

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Accessibilities Material

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Accessibilities Workbook (PDF)
Developed by the Accessibilities Committee of Western Area of Missouri, 2004



Who do we serve?

  • Physically disabled

  • Deaf and hearing impaired

  • Blind and visually impaired

  • Language barrier

  • Learning or reading impaired

  • Senior citizens of the fellowship

  • Long term care members of the fellowship
       -Surgery patients
       -Members undergoing physical therapy
       -Terminally ill


    To Get Involved Contact the Committee Chair on the Contact Us page
    Or attend a
    district meeting where you live.



    Current Activities Include:

    • Providing interpreters for meetings and special events for hearing impaired or members with language barriers.

    • Providing copies of literature and event programs in Braille for the vision impaired. Also, encourage tape study meetings within each district.

    • Maintaining a current list of accessible meetings and provide assistance to physically disabled members. Encourage accessible meeting sites.

    • Offering rides to meetings/events for senior citizens of fellowship.

    • Bringing meetings into homes, hospital, or other facilities for AA members undergoing long term care.



    Groups Can...

    Accessibilities Chairperson: Tim C
    Accessibilities Alternate Chair:
    To contact the Accessibilities Committee please go the the "Contact Us" page alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

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