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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

Cooperation with the Professiona

Cooperation with the Professional Community


By action of the General Service Board, January 1970, the trustees’ Committee on Cooperation With the Professional Community (C.P.C.) —a spin off from the Public Information Committee—was developed. A similar Conference committee was formed the following year. Since that time, A.A. members in local areas have been responding to local need by establishing C.P.C. committees.

A.A. is considered by many professionals to be a valuable resource for alcoholics who want help. When there is a good working relationship between A.A. members in the community and paid alcoholism workers, the sick alcoholic is the winner—he or she gets the help needed from both.

We are not in competition with these non-A.A.s; we have our separate functions. A.A. is not in the business of education, research, medicine, counseling, treatment, prevention, or funding. We simply have a message to carry about a program of recovery for alcoholics—a program that works for hundreds of thousands who want it.

The professional can help the alcoholic want it—by education, counseling, and rehabilitative treatment—and can also be of aid through making the community aware of and care about the millions still suffering from the progressive illness of alcoholism.


Link to A.A. Guidelines by GSO



Statement of Purpose:

As stated in the AA Guidelines, our purpose is to provide accurate information about AA to those who have contact with alcoholics through their profession. This group includes Health Care Professionals, Educators, Members of the Clergy, Lawyers, Social Workers and others. This information concerns what AA does or does not do, as well as where and when AA groups meet.



To Get Involved Contact the Committee Chair on the Contact Us page:

Or attend a district meeting where you live.



Current Activities:

To be determined.


Groups Can:

Have someone serve on your steering committee in your home group as CPC group chairperson. Have as many members from your home group serve on the CPC committee, both at district (monthly) and Area (quarterly). Have your home group or district host a workshop in your area.


Other Ideas:


  • Use the CPC handbook and workbook.

  • Read and discuss the traditions.

  • Remember "Cooperation without Affiliation" and "No opinions on outside issues".

  • Keep in mind  the full meaning of "Anonymity".

  • Keep an eye on the "The AA Grapevine" and "Box 459" for CPC related articles.

  • Use your imagination.


Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Chairperson: Emily A
Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Alternate Chair: Janine B
To contact the CPC Committee please go the the "Contact Us" page alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo