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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo
alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

Corrections Committee

Correctional Facilities Committee


The material in these Guidelines has come from the experience and “growing pains” of A.A. correctional facilities committees. We are privileged to share it with A.A.s throughout the United States and Canada who are carrying our message behind the walls.


The purpose of a correctional facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls, and to set up means of smoothing the way from the facility to the larger A.A. community through prerelease contacts.

A correctional facilities committee may function within the structure of a General Service Conference area committee or a central office (intergroup). In A.A.'s early years, prison Twelfth Step work was usually done by an individual group or an individual member. As A.A. has grown, however, it seems that a committee formed within the A.A. service structure works more effectively.

Prior to 1977, services to correctional and treatment facilities were provided under the umbrella of the Institutions Committee. Because of rapid growth, the 1977 General Service Conference voted to dissolve its Institutions Committee and two new committees, one on correctional facilities and one on treatment facilities, were formed. This division was created to provide better service to groups and meetings in both kinds of facilities.

Corrections Resources

The video "It sure beats sitting in a cell" may be borrowed from this committee for group or special event viewing
Learn about taking meetings to Missouri State Institutions
View all Missouri State Correctional Facilities
Go to the GSO Corrections page
To Get Involved Contact the Correctional Facilities Committee Chair
Or attend a district meeting where you live. View District Map here

Current Activities

Building an Area 39 wide database of Institutions
Encouraging people to Sign up to be a Corrections Corespondent
Promoting the Institutions Forum
Promoting Corrections Workbook Workshops throughout Area 39
Increasing cooperation with Treatment And Bridging the Gap Committees

Next Corrections Workshop

To Be Determined.

Contact the Correctional Facilities Committee Chair to request a workshop at your group

Request for Bridging the Gap

People who carry the message, friends, family members or anyone with internet access can request a bridge for someone getting out of any institution. Click the link above to request a temporary contact and select the area where the person will be released to, then enter the contact information to request a Bridge.

Correctional Facilities Committee Chairperson: Wendell S
To contact the Correctional Facilities Committee please go the the "Contact Us" page
alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo

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alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo alcoholics anonymous missouri drinking kansas city springfield aa mo